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2 Mics & The Truth: Unplugged & Unhinged In America sees Violent Femmes reinventing their own extraordinary canon with all-new live performances, including rearranged classics, songs played live for the first time, spontaneous requests and random improvisations. Featuring The Horns of Dilemma, Violent Femmes' ever-evolving cabal of multi-instrumentalist backing musicians, the album was recorded last year as the band visited supportive public radio stations and music media outlets across North America in support of their acclaimed ninth studio album, We Can Do Anything.

Always eager to push their sound forward, the Milwaukee-based combo brought with them a pair of Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina microphones, specialized bluegrass mics that allowed Gordon Gano (voice and guitar/banjo/fiddle) and Brian Ritchie (acoustic bass guitar and vocal) to play and record in close proximity. Backing musicians - including baritone saxophonist Blaise Garza and special guests like banjo master Tony Trischka and legendary Television drummer Billy Ficca - were tracked through sound bleed in the tradition of the early jazz, blues, country, rembetika, rockabilly, and folk records which informed the Violent Femmes aesthetic from the jump. Percussionist John Sparrow's innovative use of a Weber Grill as a rhythm instrument enabled Violent Femmes to stand close together around the two mics and play in perfect balance, the metallic tones meshing with Ritchie's acoustic bass and Gano's strummed guitar.

"This is the first time we've delivered a full scale recording to the public which captures the sound and spirit of the band the way we play together when we're working out songs in the hotel or dressing room," says Brian Ritchie. "This project refocuses attention upon the repertoire as a whole by stripping songs to their essentials, conveying them without artifice, and removing them from any timeline. It's the closest we've gotten to the essence of Violent Femmes."


01. Blister In The Sun - WXRV
02. I’m Nothing - PASTE
03. It’s Gonna Rain - PASTE
04. Breaking Up - WFUV
05. Good For/At Nothing - WFUV
06. American Music - KINK
07. Gone Daddy Gone/I Just Wanna Make Love To You - WXPN
08. I Could Be Anything - WFUV
09. Rejoice And Be Happy - KCMP
10. Add It Up - WFUV
11. You Move Me - WXPN
12 Issues - KCMP
13. Run With It - WFUV
14. Ugly - WXRV
15. Kiss Off - WXRV
16. Jesus Walking On The Water - WFUV
17. Prove My Love - WFUV
18. Country Death Song - WFUV
19. Untrue Love - PASTE

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