• Image of L.A. Salami – The City Of Bootmakers

The multi-facetted London based artist L.A. Salami shares his second album, "The City Of Bootmakers". Salami continues to weave his way through an extensive catalogue of songs, each with their own stories and wry, observational anecdotes. Salami's sharp, nuanced narrative shines throughout this album, accompanied by his trademark soulful urban-folk.

1. Sunrise (intro)
2. Generation L(ost)
3. Who’s Cursing Us Now?
4. Terrorism! (The Isis Crisis)
5. Brick Lane
6. I’ll Tell You why
7. England’s Unwell
8. A Man; A Man Without Warning
9. You’re Better Off Alone
10. I Need Answers
11. Science + Buddhism = A Reality You Can Know
12. The Talisman On The Age Of Glass
13. What Is This?
14. [Bonus Track] Jean Is Gone