• Image of Hannah Cohen - Pleasure Boy

Music often comes from a deep place, and in the case of Hannah Cohen’s stunning and heartrending second album, it’s very deep indeed. Mainly inspired by a painful break-up and the anxieties that loss can trigger, 'Pleasure Boy' cushions its sadness in an exquisitely nuanced soundscape of aching melancholy and lush melody where Hannah’s vocal conveys all the different shades of heartbreak.
Following the album’s completion, she’s survived the calamity and found a new level of happiness, but to paraphrase the classic Sixties hit, there will always be some-thing there to remind her with 'Pleasure Boy'.

'Pleasure Boy' was produced by Thomas Bartlett, aka Doveman, whose work with artists such as The National, Antony Hegarty, David Byrne and Nico Muhly singles him out as of America’s current finest produc-ers and collaborators as well as pianist.