• Image of Ezra Furman- Big Fugitive Life

"A verbose lyricist marooned in an indie-rock scene tilted toward headphone-friendly noisemakers, Ezra Furman adroitly conveys what it feels like to be young and queer via an old man's medium" -Time Out NY

"The unfamiliar isn't always easy to approach or understand, but with Furman leading the way, it sounds like one heck of an enriching, and, most importantly, vital experience." -Consequence of Sound

"Big Fugitive Life is a group of our favourite orphaned songs that have banded together to form a unit. They are focused on the theme of the mind unmoored--those of us who have been left to drift unsupervised through the modern world. Four of these tracks were originally intended for inclusion on 'Perpetual Motion People'. Two of them were for 'The Year of No Returning'. But they weren't ready until now."