• Image of Ari Roar - Calm Down

With intuitive powers of clarity and concision to the fore, "Calm Down" is an album that draws on 1960's pop and modern DIY heroes for a set of lovingly languid, lo-fi miniatures. Depths of detail and lived experience bustle beneath effortlessly melodic surfaces; sure signs of a writer in confident command of his pitch. Ari Roar makes weightless work of variously playful, psychedelic material, navigating his songs with expressive ease.

1. Calm Down
2. Called In
3. Windowsill
4. Lost and Found
5. Picked the Lock
6. Hidden Playground
7. Don't Have It
8. Off and On
9. Implode
10. Feeding Out The Slack
11. Blow Dry
12. In My Day
13. Sock Drawer
14. Choke
15. Lucky One

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